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Hampden Center Plaza
(Behind Five Guys)
4830 Carlisle Pike
Mechanicsburg, PA


Phone 717-412-0750
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Here are a few of our most recent reviews as of fall 2013.

I am always looking to experience different type's food and in turn other people's cultures. About a month ago I stumbled on Zahra with my wife and we decided to give it a try. First let me say that the staff was very nice and offered to describe the different foods on the menu. The owner and his wife were there and were very welcoming as well. After little deliberation my wife and I just ordered four dishes some Nan and an appetizer figuring we could sample more that way. Well let me tell you it was awesome! It was also clearly prepared fresh so the little wait is well worth it. It is not fast food people! We finished it with a homemade rice pudding type dessert that was to die for. The only bad part was the 4 weeks it took me to get back for another meal! If you are tired of the cookie cutter restaurant experience this place is well worth it. I am writing this review after my second awesome experience here. I hear that in late August the owner is adding gourmet Gyros at lunch it, just when I thought it could not get any better! During both visits I had Lamb Kebab Boneless, Chicken Tikka Boneless, Curry Chicken, Chicken Sheekh Kebabs, Vegetable Takoa, Nan, two drinks and one dessert and the bill was under 50.00! Two people can eat great food here for much less keeping in mind that I had 3 boxes to take home!
— Greg C. (York, PA) 7/28/2013 Yelp

Very nice people run this place....they make you feel at home. Very casual atmosphere, and overall good authentic diversity of middle eastern and Indian food. I recommend this place for anyone.
— Erik S. (Mechanicsburg, PA) 5/26/2013 Yelp

The food was great the wait was definitely worth while and we had a great experience! I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to try something other than the usual.
— Michelle J. (Harrisburg, PA) 5/18/2013 Yelp

The wraps are divine!
— Shannen M. (Mechanicsburg, PA) 5/17/2013 Yelp

An excellent place to eat. It's so surprising to find such good Middle Eastern and Pakistani food in the Harrisburg area. My wife and I order take out from the place all the time. I highly recommend this restaurant. The food has always been excellent and fresh.
— RJ R. (Mechanicsburg, PA) 5/15/2013 Yelp

This is our 4th time eating at Zahra's. We live in Maryland and when we travel to see family in PA, we make sure to do a pit stop at Zahra's. The food is delicious. The owner is very friendly and always makes us feel welcome. The decor is very relevant to the cuisine. For this area of PA, this place is a gem because there aren't many places like this. I hope the business continues to do well. I'd recommend this place to anyone. Can't wait to go back and have some more chicken tikka masala!
— Alexandrea S. (Columbia, MD) 5/13/2013 Yelp

While visiting Hershey Park I was very pleased to find Halal Pakistani and Middle Eastern Restaurant. We checked the menu online and placed our order in advance, by the time we got there our order was ready. The gentleman who answered the phone also recommended different dishes from menu. We tried their weekend special Chicken Kofta it was amazing. The menu is very diversified, kids loved it too. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. We had very positive experience, staff was also friendly... Looking forward for next visit to try this place again. Keep up the good work!!!!
— F I. (Halethorpe, MD) 5/7/2013 Yelp

We have gone twice on a Friday afternoon for the buffet. It was great. Fresh food that was very delicious, great service and friendly staff. The last time we went, the owner had just put up some beautifully hand painted and hand sewn artwork. He took the time to explain who was in the pictures while we waited for him and the rest of the staff to prepare the buffet as we had gotten there a bit early. I am not certain what the place was like before but it was awesome when we went. I will go back often. The people with us who had gone there before love Zahra and go there often. The place was full at noon and the staff was constantly bringing out fresh food. Don't miss this place. Its small and sorta hidden away but worth the find.
— Alexa F (Mechanicsburg, PA) 3/30/2013 Yelp

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